Program Overview

The Indigenous Peer Mentor Program helps first-year students transition to university life by promoting student engagement and a sense of belonging on campus.

The Indigenous Peer Mentor Program matches new self-identified Indigenous students at Carleton University with experienced Indigenous students who act as mentors, providing academic and social support and ongoing advice.

The program provides members with social, academic and cultural development, peer-to-peer support, and activities to support community building and personal growth.

This program is offered by the Centre for Indigenous Initiatives in collaboration with the Student Experience Office.

Program Streams

This year the peer mentorship will offer three streams to best serve the Indigenous community.

  • Carleton Peer Mentorship: Matched with new undergraduate students
  • Indigenous Enriched Support Program (IESP): Matched with students in the IESP program and
  • Community Partners: Matched with a community partner such as a school or an Indigenous Community Centre.

Program Goals

  • Support Carleton’s new Indigenous students in their well-being, community building, and creating a sense of belonging
  • Provide encouragement and support to Indigenous students in their efforts to thrive in school and community programs
  • Connect students to on campus and off campus resources to support their well-being
  • Share learning experiences and knowledge to develop and enhance Indigenous cultural knowledge and understanding
  • Provide insight into the unique challenges faced by Indigenous students in post-secondary education and help first year students navigate these challenges
  • Dispel confusion and false perceptions about post-secondary learning
  • Develop leadership, communication, and solution-based skills