The Summer course offerings are available to view on or you can use the Public Class Schedule.

  1. Decide how many courses you would like to take.
    • IESP students’ default course load is 1.0 credits for the Summer term.
    • If you would like to increase your course load, please apply above.
  2. Build a draft timetable Carleton Central.
    • Check out this video on how to build a draft timetable.
  3. Check to see if you have any registration holds.
    • Your IESP registration hold should expire on March 15th.
    • If you have unpaid fees, you may have a financial hold that prevents registration.
    • If you encounter any issues, email for support.
  4. Register for courses! If you are having difficulty, there are registration how-to videos here.
  5. Make an advising appointment for assistance, if needed, by emailing
    • You can choose from any of the course offerings at Carleton, provided you meet the prerequisite or other registration requirements. Some courses may be restricted to students in the program (common in programs like Journalism, Engineering, Architecture, Business, and Industrial Design) or to students with second-year standing.
    • Course descriptions will outline restrictions for each course.
    • You may sometimes ask for permission to take a course through the Course Override Request form in Carleton Central. Completing this form will send your request to the department offering the course. They will review it and let you know whether they can grant you access to the course.
    • Important registration, payment, withdrawal dates, and deadlines are here.