Carleton University acknowledges the right of Indigenous students, staff and faculty to smudge on campus. To ensure that the use of traditional medicines does not result in any health and safety concerns, or trigger smoke and heat-detecting alarms, various locations on campus have been assessed and have been designated pre-approved for events or gatherings where smudging will take place.

If your location is on the list below, please get in touch with FMP to get a permanent sign added to your space.

If your location has not been pre-approved, please print, fill out and post the below signage:

Smudge Sign Notice


Alumni Hall (AH) Room 1310 – Raven’s Nest

The Architecture – Entire Building (AA)

Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre – Entire Building

Carleton Training and Tech Centre (CTTC) Room 2600 – Health and Counselling Services

Carleton Training and Tech Centre (CTTC) Room 3400 – Centre for Indigenous Support and Community Engagement

Carleton Training and Tech Centre (CTTC) Room 3800 – Equity and Inclusive Communities

Dunton Tower (DT) Floor 5 and 6 – Department of Social Work

Dunton Tower (DT) Room 1521 – ASEP Student Room

Dunton Tower (DT) Room 1212 – Canadian Studies Lounge

Dunton Tower (DT) Room 1216

Dunton Tower (DT) Room 2017 – Faculty of Arts Lounge

Dunton Tower (DT) Room 2203 – Logic, Language and Information Lab

Fieldhouse (FH)

Frontenac House (FR) Room 253 – Meeting Room

Gymnasium (GY) Room 1417 – Norm Fenn Gym

Loeb Building (LB) Room C264 – Lecture Theatre

Minto Centre (MC) Room 2014 – ODENG Meeting Room

Nideyinàn (UC) Room 231 – Porter Hall

Nideyinàn (UC) Fourth Floor – Rooster’s

Nideyinàn (UC) – Galleria

Paterson Hall (PA) Room 228 – Ojigkwanong – Indigenous Centre

Prescott Houses (PH) Room 202 – Meeting Room

Richcraft Hall (RB) Room 2926 – Second Floor Atrium

Richcraft Hall (RB) Room 2220 – Lecture Room

Richcraft Hall (RB) Room 2224 – Lecture Room

Richcraft Hall (RB) Room 2228 – Lecture Room

Richcraft Hall (RB) Room 3220 – Lecture Room

Richcraft Hall (RB) Room 3224 – Lecture Room

Richcraft Hall (RB) Room 3228 – Lecture Room

Pigiarvik (RO) Room 503 – Office of Risk Management

Pigiarvik (RO) Room 608 – Senate Board Room

Pigiarvik (RO) Room 617 – Alumni Board Room

Southam Hall (SA) Room KA-TH – Kalish-Mitel Theatre

Teraanga Commons (CO) – Room 270

Teraanga Commons (CO) – Room 272

Teraanga Commons (CO) – Room 274

Teraanga Commons (CO) Second Floor – Fenn Lounge

Teraanga Commons (CO) Second Floor – Banquet Space

Tory Building (TB) Room 204 – Classroom

Tory Building (TB) Room 217 – Classroom

Tory Building (TB) Room 506 – Classroom

If your location does not appear on the list above you must submit the below form one week prior to your gathering to obtain pre-approval.

If you cannot meet this timeline, please reach out to Environmental Health and safety at

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • :
  • Select the space you plan to use for the ceremony. If the space is not listed please fill in the Approval Required section at the bottom of the page.