Fall 2020 Syllabus, Director: Wayne Eagles


Start date: 7:00PM Tuesday September 22, 2020 remote/distance learning

Description/Objectives: The Fusion Ensemble will focus on a variety of jazz/rock, textural and funk-influenced improvisation styles: from Bitches Brew-style experimentation to more soundscape/ECM-like compositions; from free improv and progressive rock to hip-hop inspired grooves.

Rehearsals/Meetings: approximately ten three-hour evening sessions per term; the ensemble will be divvied into 2-3 combos, each meeting 60-90 minutes per week in video (i.e., Zoom) and audio (i.e., BandLab) formats.

Announcements and assignments to be posted to cuLearn.

Among the goals of the Fusion Ensemble are:

  1. to develop improvisation/interaction/interplay skills
  2. to develop a broadened appreciation of the Fusion repertoire
  3. to provide improvising experience/exercises for students
  4. to showcase SSAC/Music performers in the community, when possible
  5. to a develop a sense of community among Ensemble members

Communication: A 10-minute audition must be booked for any new students hoping to join the ensemble with priority given to those in the BMus program that require ensemble credit. Nothing to prepare, but will check ability to understand and improvise over complex chord structures and odd time signatures, as well as notation reading level. Students who have been part of the ensemble in past years, or those who’s playing the Director is familiar, will not need to audition though must get in touch to confirm their interest in joining.

Confirmation: Once registered in an ensemble after being auditioned and admitted, changing to another ensemble will not be permitted in a given term. Ensemble participation must be confirmed by the last day of registration per term.

For any ensemble-related concerns, please contact the Supervisor of Ensembles and Masterclasses, Kathy Armstrong:


Auditions: the evening of Tuesday September 15, 2020 by appointment with Wayne Eagles (only), online.

Contact: Wayne Eagles, Fusion Ensemble Director ℅ 613/762-9342 or

Fall Term start: Tuesday September 22, 2020 @ 7:00 PM, online.

Final Term Project: to be decided, though likely a collaborative audio/video project to be completed late-November/early-December.

Evaluation: Pass/Fail (SAT/UNS) grades are submitted at the end of the term for BMus participants. Pass grades are based on attendance, preparedness, and effective participation.

Contribution: This involves several elements: students are expected to learn material outside of the regular rehearsal time, plus prepare assignments and reflections; students must also participate actively in all rehearsals, dialogue effectively with the Director and other members of the ensemble; and, use the rehearsal process as a means of improving individual and ensemble performance skills.

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory and closely monitored. In the event of an impending absence, the Ensemble Director must be notified in advance. Students who miss two rehearsals without a valid medical certificate or without advance notice risk losing their Fusion Ensemble membership.