PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid regulations and the need for contact tracing, we are making the exception of allowing members of the Carleton University to register in our IN PERSON Ensembles (if they pass the necessary audition). These spaces will be opened up only if there is still space in the course as Bachelor of Music students are prioritized for registration. Students and community members registered in an Ensemble will not get credit for the course unless they are in the Bachelor of Music program. Those without Carleton University I.D. cannot register or participate in the Ensemble (Fall term specific).

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The Ensemble experience in Carleton Music is an important and highly enjoyable part of our program, providing opportunities to gather, collaborate, develop group skills, and explore new genres and repertoire with professional and experienced directors. Be sure to check back here regularly for news and information on current ensembles, activities and registration. Please see below for current offerings and registration information.

Current Ensembles

Section A West African Rhythm Ensemble
Section B Fusion Ensemble
Section C Chamber Music Ensemble
Section D Jazz Ensemble
Section I Roots Ensemble
Section J Lyric Theatre Ensemble
Section K Carleton-OSO Ensemble-In-Residence Mentorship Program
Section M Singer-Songwriter
Section N Saxophone
Section O Brass Ensemble

Choir Sections

Student Choral Ensemble
Carleton University Choir

Ensemble Course Registration

Carleton University Choir

First-year students register in MUSI 1912B for the FALL and MUSI 1913B for the WINTER term.

All other Ensembles

FALL TERM: Register in MUSI X914 and select section according to the list above.
WINTER TERM: Register in MUSI X915 and select the same letter/section as above.

For example, MUSI 2914C and MUSI 2915C would be for second-year students registering in the Chamber Music Ensemble.

To register for the ensemble of your choice you must enrol in the correct section.

Ensembles News