Ensemble Course Registration

Bachelor of Music students must read the Ensemble Guidelines (this file will be updated soon, and posted here for the 2016-17 terms)

Carleton University Choir: (Choir Website, see link below)
First-year students register in MUSI 1912B for the FALL and MUSI 1913B for the WINTER term.

All other Ensembles:
Students register in MUSI X914 section __ (choose letter section according to list below) for the FALL term, and MUSI X915 __ (same letter / section) for the WINTER term. (*** for example, MUSI 2914C and MUSI 2915C would be for second-year students registering in the Chamber Music Ensemble, etc.)

To register for the ensemble of your choice you must enroll in the PROPER SECTION.

Section A = West African Rhythm Ensemble
Section B = Fusion Ensemble
Section C = Chamber Music Ensemble
Section D = Jazz Ensemble
Section G = All Approved Off-campus Ensembles (*email Professor Jesse Stewart for permission to register in this section)
Section H = Contemporary Guitar Ensemble
Section J = Musical Theatre Ensemble
Section K = Carleton Conspiracy Pep Band
Section M = Jazz Vocal Ensemble
Section N = Saxophone Quartet

Ensembles info pages:

Approved Off-campus Ensembles