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Directed by Petr Cancura

DAY & TIME: Mondays 6-9PM
LOCATION: Loeb Building

The Roots ensemble explores the artistic roots of all members in the ensemble. In conjunction, connections are sought between jazz and the roots music of the world (anything from blues to Cape-Breton fiddle tunes, to songwriting, Brazilian dance music or Balkan folk songs). We have a deep connection with roots music, whatever that may mean to each and every one of us. We will delve into the art of improvising, arranging, phrasing and rhythm and foster connection to our instrument and performing.

The material will be chosen with the participating musicians in mind, meant to harness your own roots but also push you beyond your own boundaries as musicians and artists. The aim is to get better on your instrument, learn to collaborate, broaden your musical knowledge and become a more creative and focused artist. Our goal is to create new, authentic expressions of music that mean something to us.

NOTES: Placement auditions are required

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