Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for admission to the Master’s program in Music and Culture is either a BMus or a BA (Honours) in Music with a minimum B+ average. Possession of the minimum entrance standing is not in itself, however, an assurance of admission into the program.

Applicants with a BA (Honours) in a related discipline (e.g., Mass Communication, Women’s Studies, Philosophy, or Cultural Studies), with a minimum B+ average, will also be considered provided the applicant can demonstrate a strong background in some form of music. Applicants without the requisite background in cultural/theoretical issues, or in music, may be required to take a maximum of two full credits from designated courses at the undergraduate level in Music in addition to their normal MA program requirements.

There are no formal music performance requirements for admission to this degree program.

The Application Process

Proceed to the application system via the Graduate Admissions site, click on “Apply Online!” section on that page, or go directly using the “Apply Online” button below:

There are four main components to the application package, in addition to materials generated automatically once you initiate your application. Please take note of these instructions for required documents.

The following materials need to be uploaded through the online system; you upload all files except the Letters of Reference, which will be completed by your referees (they will receive an email prompting them to complete a secure, online reference form):

  1. A 1-2 page Statement of Intent, in which you explain your research interests, academic background and training, and your interest in the MA program at Carleton University.
  2. A sample of your academic writing; applicants can upload a recent term paper that demonstrates your critical thinking, research and writing skills.
  3. Letters of reference from two referees. Normally the referees are people who can attest to your academic skills and potential. It is best to ask people who can speak to your writing and research skills and performance in academic courses, as those people are likely best positioned to speak to your promise as a graduate student in a research-intensive program.
  4. Copies of transcripts of your post-secondary studies.

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Qualifying Year

Applicants without a BMus or BA (Honours) in Music or a related discipline, but who have a three-year degree with a minimum average of B+, may be admitted to a qualifying year program. Students who complete the qualifying year requirements with at least a B+ average will be considered for admission to the Master’s program.

For further information, please contact Dr. Anna Hoefnagels, Graduate Supervisor