Depending on which undergraduate program students are enrolled in, they may be able to take courses in the following areas of study:


  • individual study
  • wide range of classical and popular instruments, voice
  • ensembles: band, choir, jazz, jazz-rock fusion, early music, contemporary music, African drumming, etc
  • conducting
  • student recitals
  • keyboard harmony


  • class and small group instruction over three years
  • orchestration, computer music, contemporary notation
  • concerts of student compositions


  • Historical musicology: medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, modern, Canadian music, music and gender
  • Popular music studies: contemporary popular music, rock, jazz, folk, Canadian popular music
  • Ethnomusicology: Canadian traditional music, music of Canada’s First Peoples, African music, Indian music, music of Asia, theory and methods of ethnomusicology, music and gender


  • classical: common practice and 20th-century harmony and analysis, 16th- and 18th-century counterpoint
  • popular and jazz: theory, arranging and performance

Ear Training

  • sight-singing
  • dictation
  • choral singing
  • aural analysis

Be sure to browse the Undergraduate Calendar’s list of music courses available at Carleton.

Unique Offerings

Some of the unique offerings from Carleton Music include:

Certificate in Carillon Studies

Celtic Instrument Studies (Fiddle, Voice, Pipes)

Singer-Songwriter streams