Carleton Music Masterclass Series 2023-2024

Welcome to Carleton Music’s 2023-24 Masterclass series. We are committed to diversity and inclusion. Please join us on select Fridays (3pm start unless otherwise noted) for our exciting and eclectic programming!


(More to follow)

Olivia Short Masterclass graphic

Olivia Shortt
‘What do you do with a BA in English? I mean, a Bachelor’s of Music Degree in Classical Saxophone Performance
(and other music degrees)’

Friday, 12 January at 3PM
Kailash Mital Theatre

Poster for Morgan Strickland Masterclass

Morgan Strickland
The Science of practicing: Quality over Quantity and other Tidbits for Successful Performing

Friday, 2 February at 3PM
Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre

Carolyn Christie Masterclass image

Carolyn Christie
Mental Skills Training for Performing Artists: What Is It and How Can It Assist Musicians?

Friday, 9 February at 12PM
Patrick Cardy Studio, Loeb A900

John Rosefield Masterclass image

John Rosefield
Sound Checks and Monitor Mixes

Friday, 1 March at 3PM
Kailash Mital Theatre

Kalle Mattson Masterclass graphic

Kalle Mattson
A Guide to Rights and Royalties: How to Make Money From Your Music

Friday, 1 March at 12PM
Patrick Cardy Studio, Loeb A900


Masterclass promo graphic for John Higney's A Cornucopia of Strings and Things

Dr. John Higney
‘A Cornucopia of Strings and Things’

Friday, 17 November at 12PM
Patrick Cardy Studio, Loeb A900

Graphic for the Monahan and Coleman Masterclass

Gordon Monahan and Bill Coleman
‘The Sound of Body and Mind’

Friday, 13 October at 3PM EST
Kailash Mital Theatre

Coming Soon

Berak Hussain (Carleton Health and Counselling Services)
‘Managing Stress’

Friday, 6 October at 12PM
Patrick Cardy Studio, Loeb A900

Graphic for the James McGowan Ensemble

The James McGowan Ensemble
‘Reaching Out/Reaching In’

Friday, 15 September at 3PM
Kailash Mital Theatre


John Higney
Supervisor of Performance Studies