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Are you an aspiring musician? Do you wish to pursue a career in a performance-related field of music? Then the BMus (Honours) program at Carleton University is for you!

This program is an intensive study of music including performance, theory and ear training, ensemble work, composition as well as a wide range of courses in music history, popular music studies and ethnomusicology.

The BMus program is an Honours program (four years of study). In this program, you will be given one-on-one, individual performance instruction and you will also take part in group Ensemble work. Prospective students should have an appreciable background in performance.

Admission to the BMus program is determined by audition results combined with required entrance grades assessed by Carleton Admissions.

Carleton Music welcomes auditions from a variety of genres of music in performance including classical, fusion, pop, jazz, Celtic music, musical theatre and singer/songwriters.

The deadline to apply to the Music program is March 1st. Applications open through OUAC in December.

Please note that the BMus (Honours) degree cannot be combined with another major. BMus students can complete a minor in another program.

We look forward to your application to the BMus program!