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Directed by Kathy Armstrong

DAY & TIME: Mondays 11:30AM to 2:30PM
LOCATION: Loeb Building

This ensemble gives students an opportunity to develop a wide range of performance skills, as well as an understanding of aspects of African culture through the study and performance of West African singing, dancing and drumming (primarily Ghanaian). Students learn and perform repertoire using traditional instruments from Ghana. They will develop a strong sense of individual pulse while working on collective groove, promoting social synchrony in an ensemble setting. Emphasis is on aural learning, developing active listening skills and methods of non-verbal communication. There are opportunities for many different skill levels to interact at once, providing an inclusive environment in which to explore our connections to music and rhythm in a social setting. Collaborations with other Carleton Ensembles and guest artists are frequent. All welcome!

NOTES: No audition required

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