Directed by Nicole Presentey

DAY & TIME: Thursdays 7-10PM
LOCATION: Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre (CDCC)

The Chamber Music Ensemble offers training and performance experience in a wide range of formations spanning the Baroque to Contemporary eras with a focus on rare music: ensembles ranging from duos to octets will feature standard and unusual instrumental and vocal formations. Students will present their work in recitals, one at the end of each term. Work must be prepared to concert-ready standard to ensure inclusion in recitals.

The overall goals of the ensemble will be to broaden the experience of chamber playing to include researching and listening to existing performances both modern and historical, live where possible, score study, as well as in class instruction. Rehearsals will involve overall discussion on progress, listening, and to address any questions or concerns. Individual practise is paramount, and it is expected that scores be learned accurately and within time limits stated at the outset of the assignment. Issues of style, rhythm, phrasing, pitch and technique will be covered as well as issues of ensemble performance.

NOTES: Audition required

  • Auditions will be 15-20 minutes long, to be held in person at CDCC, dates TBD. Students should be prepared to play 2 pieces of contrasting styles with a total duration of not more than 10 minutes for both. A short technical and sight reading test may be held after which there will be a brief interview. Students are not required to bring an accompanist to the audition however they should bring the piano score with them if applicable.
  • Interested students should apply to the Ensemble Director, Nicole Presentey, to arrange an audition.
  • Admission to the Carleton University Chamber Ensemble is open to all music students, and to non-music students by permission of the Ensemble Director. Acceptance and continuation is determined by enrollment, ability, participation, and attendance.

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