image of guitars Fall/Winter 2019-20

Director: Tim Bedner

Rehearsals: Mondays, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., Patrick Cardy Studio, A900 Loeb

Start Date: Monday, September 16, 2019 at 6pm.

Description/Objectives: The Contemporary Guitar Ensemble will focus on a variety of music styles: Renaissance to Rock, Swing, Bebop, Modal, Fusion and Contemporary music will be explored.

Rehearsals will involve ten three-hour evening sessions per term (this includes set-up/tear-down) with Fall & Winter end-of-term performances (additional showcases also possible).

Among the goals of the Contemporary Guitar Ensemble are:

  • a) to develop music reading and improvisation/interaction/ensemble skills for guitarists
  • b) to provide performance experience and opportunities for students
  • c) to showcase SSAC/Music performers in the broader community Communication: (preferred), 613.837.0805

Auditions: Monday September 9th, 2019. Schedule your audition by emailing Duration 5 minutes each.

No required pieces to perform, just sight reading single note melodies and comping chords to evaluate your current musicianship level.


  • Fall Concert, Monday December 2nd, Patrick Cardy Studio, A900, Loeb, 7:30pm
  • Winter/Spring Concert, Monday April 6th, Patrick Cardy Studio, A900, Loeb, 7:30pm

Evaluation: A Pass/Fail (SAT/UNS) grade is submitted at the end of the term. Grades are based on attendance, preparedness, and effective participation.

Contribution: Contribution involves several elements. Students are expected to learn the music outside of the regular rehearsal time. Students must also participate actively in all rehearsals, dialogue effectively with the Director and other members of the ensemble, and use the rehearsal process as a means of improving individual and ensemble performance skills.

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory and closely monitored. In the event of an impending absence, the Ensemble Director must be notified in advance. Students who miss rehearsal/s without a valid medical certificate or without advance notice risk losing their Contemporary Guitar Ensemble membership.