As we say goodbye to Dr. John Stead as Chair of the Department of Neuroscience, we reflect back on everything that he has accomplished on our behalf.

Dr. Stead negotiated the founding of the Department in 2010, as well as coordinated the transfer of faculty and building infrastructure from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to the Faculty of Science. As Chair, he has overseen an abundance of change, including leading the Department of Neuroscience to create their own graduate programs in 2011, the Neuroscience and Mental Health undergraduate program in 2012 and the expansion of undergraduate course offerings to just under 30 new courses. Dr. Stead represented Neuroscience in the interests of designing the new Health Sciences Building and most recently, oversaw the creation of the Department’s undergraduate teaching labs slated to launch in 2019.

In the past eight years, the Department has seen student enrollment grow by close to 600% – no doubt in part to John’s enthusiastic presence at recruitment events. Faculty appointments have increased from 7.5 to 14.5, and there has been a growth in staff from one part-time administrator to three full-time administrators and a Teaching Lab Coordinator. The Department has come a long way and its members deeply appreciate John’s part in making it all happen.

As of July 1, 2018, the Department warmly welcomes Dr. Kim Hellemans as Chair for a three-year term. Kim began her Carleton career in the Department of Psychology in 2008, and in 2010, she became one of the few instructors for the newly created Department of Neuroscience. Over the years, Kim has developed and taught several courses, with NEUR 1201 being known to entice students from other programs to transfer into Neuroscience! She’s hosted many presentations on learning and teaching, and has a slew of awards adorning the walls of her office, including the most recent Service Excellence Award in Innovation. Kim has served as Undergraduate Chair multiple times, lending a compassionate ear to students eager to seek her advice, academic support and beyond.

Kim has an excellent reputation in leadership and innovative teaching, and fully embodies the most valued qualities sought by the Department in search for a new Chair, which also included compassion, transparency and clear communication, open minded-ness to new ideas, commitment to execution, and a genuine desire to see the Department thrive, both in research and teaching. There is no doubt that Kim has what it takes to see this through and that the Department of Neuroscience is in good hands!

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