Episode 160: The Toronto 18 Case at 15: A Critical Reassessment

When news of the Toronto-18 Case broke in 2006, Canadians were stunned. It seemed as though the “War on Terror” had been brought to Canadian soil as a group of young men, allegedly inspired by Al Qaida, were accused of a serious bomb plot in downtown Toronto. After a high-profile news conference, however, a series of publication bans descended on the Toronto-18 cases, leaving the more complex issues and nuances of the case out of the public eye.

What is the significance of the Toronto-18 attack 15 years later? What lessons should be learned from it? Jessica Davis sits down with Michael Nesbitt, Kent Roach and Amarnath Amarasingam to discuss these issues, and a new (free!) open access book: Canadian Terror: Multidisciplinary Perspectives and the Toronto 18 Terrorism Trials. Available from Manitoba Law Journal Robson Criminal Edition Collection.

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