On February 14th 2023, in collaboration with the NPSIA Student Association, we hosted a Black History Month Panel event to raise awareness regarding the experiences and discrimination that black communities experience daily in various professional and personal settings. The six-person panel included professionals from various backgrounds such as politics, law, and academia. The panel was moderated by professor Adrian Harewood from the Department of Journalism and communications at Carleton University.

The event highlighted and celebrated the success and achievements of our panelists, as well as their contributions to their communities. It also included meaningful discussions of themes such as the meaning and importance of Black History Month, as well as navigating spaces and the workplace. The event also included a debate on “disrupting spaces” vs “choosing peace” for black and young people in professional and work settings. Our panelists also answered questions that discussed the people that inspired them in their personal and professional lives, as well as what motivates their activism.

We would like to sincerely thank our panelists and our moderator for joining us in celebrating Black History Month, and for sharing their academic, professional, and personal experiences.