The minimum requirement for admission to the master’s program is a B.A. Honours degree (or the equivalent) in Philosophy, with at least B+ standing (or the equivalent).  Students who lack this background may be admitted to a Qualifying Year in order to make up deficiencies.

Students who have not successfully completed an introductory logic course in philosophy (equivalent to Carleton’s PHIL 2001) at the time of their application will be required to complete PHIL 2001 (or an equivalent) successfully prior to registration or as part of their first year of study.  If required, completion of a logic course is extra to the degree requirements.

Qualifying-year and M.A. applicants from an institution other than Carleton University must submit two papers as part of their application package.

Proficiency in English

Proficiency in English is necessary to pursue graduate studies at Carleton University. Please refer to section 3.6 in the current graduate calendar for requirements.

Qualifying-Year Program

Applicants who do not hold an Honours degree (or the equivalent) will be required to register in a qualifying-year program before proceeding to the master’s program.

The regulations governing the qualifying year are outlined in the General Regulations section of the Graduate Calendar.