Carleton University Philosophy Society (CUPS) is a student-led society for undergrad and masters students interested in the exchange and discussion of philosophical ideas. Past topics include philosophy of music, metaethics, and women in early modern philosophy. Discussion groups are held throughout the term and all are welcome!

Stay tuned for more information about CUPS, including meeting dates, photos, and getting to know the exec team!

Upcoming Events

CUPS Discussion Group

CUPS is pleased to invite you to a discussion group titled “What is moral knowledge (and who needs it)?” hosted by our very own Professor Scarfone! Specifically:

How do we know right from wrong? When are our moral beliefs justified, and how do these beliefs relate to moral truth? Just as epistemology is the study of knowledge (and truth, belief, justification, etc.), so moral epistemology is the study of moral knowledge (and moral truth, moral belief, moral justification, etc.). Let’s talk about some common approaches in moral epistemology and see how they relate to both individual and collective moral beliefs. Do we actually have a good account of how we know right from wrong? And what happens if we don’t?

The discussion group will begin at 7:00 PM November 16th 2022, in Paterson 133. Invite your friends and family, and expect tasty refreshments.