Philosophy Department hosts first in-person Ontario Ethics Bowl qualifier event at Carleton

Have you heard of the Ontario Ethics Bowl championship?

If you go to OEB’s webpage, you learn that “Ever since its inaugural event in March of 2020, the Ontario Ethics Bowl (OEB) has enjoyed explosive growth. With over 600 participating students, 300 judges, and 200+ volunteers, the OEB is a behemoth on the Ethics Bowl Canada stage.”

Since its inception, Carleton’s Philosophy department has been an enthusiastic supporter of the OEB with many professors and graduate students serving annually as judges at the provincial championship held at U of T Mississauga.

But Carleton’s commitment to OEB became more official in fall 2022. With the support of then Dean of FASS Pauline Rankin, the Philosophy Department developed a partnership with the organization.

Winter 2024 marked a special time in that collaboration. Last February, the Philosophy Department made history by hosting the very first in-person Regional Ethics Bowl at Carleton! A large group of ethical debate enthusiasts, including teams of high school students, teachers, parents, came to campus for a day of thoughtful, respectful, collaborative competition.

The event was made possible thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers including professors, instructors, retirees, graduate and undergraduate students.

A great time was had by all as you can see if you look at the photo album below.

To learn more about the Ethics Bowl’s mission and the Carleton regional event, watch this inspiring YouTube video and  Instagram short.

Photo and video credit: Teddy Brescacin, Scratchmedia