Career Opportunities

Our Philosophy program can lead you to a variety of careers in education and higher education, government, non-governmental organizations, policymaking and law, health care, ethics, social services and advocacy. Indeed, philosophy students are regularly among the top performers on a variety of standardized tests, and can thus qualify for all kinds of further education or employment upon graduation.

Make sure to check out our Alumni Gallery to see all kinds of roles our students have wound up working.

By developing your ability to assess ideas, to think clearly and creatively, and to appreciate multiple perspectives on matters of deepest importance, the study of philosophy provides you with transferable skills that make you highly employable. Just ask journalist Shannon Rupp, who notes that her most useful university courses “were all in philosophy.” Or ask the Dean at Harvard Medical School, who credits the study of philosophy with making immeasurable contributions to the pursuit of a high-profile career in medicine.

The department has a remarkable placement record. Students have gone on to advanced academic study at Carleton (e.g. in the department’s M.A. program, in the Cognitive Science Ph.D. program, or in the Ethics and Public Affairs Ph.D. program) or at such prestigious institutions as the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, McGill University, the University of Oxford, Brown University, the University of Edinburgh, and Rutgers University.

Other students go on to rewarding careers in law and government, policy analysis, ethics in health care, and social advocacy with non-governmental organizations. Prospective high school teachers can also study philosophy, which is a subject now included in Ontario’s secondary school curriculum.