The Philosophy Department at Carleton University is home to an active research community. Members of the department publish in various subdisciplines of philosophy, including philosophy of mind and language, theoretical and practical ethics, feminist philosophy, the history of philosophy, philosophy of science, aesthetics, and other areas. Over half of our permanent faculty members hold external research grants. In the last couple of years, department members have published books with Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Rowman and Littlefield, and MIT Press. Philosophy students at Carleton often have the opportunity to engage in advanced research, in collaboration with and under the mentorship of faculty members.

Many department members are involved in interdisciplinary and collaborative research; we have close working relationships with colleagues in Cognitive Science, English, the School for Studies in Art and Culture, the College of the Humanities, Sociology/Anthropology, and Political Science, among other units. The department is also home to Carleton University’s Centre on Ethics and Values, an interdisciplinary research centre that takes advantage of Carleton’s location in the national capital by fostering conversations about issues in ethics and public policy between academics and members of the public sector.