Congratulations to our Undergraduate and M.A. Philosophy students graduating this spring, from all of us in the Department of Philosophy! We are so proud of what you have accomplished, especially during these challenging past few years. You have shown your strength, your perseverance, your wisdom, your versatility, and we couldn’t be more proud to call you Carleton alumni. We have been lucky to know you, teach you, learn from you, and work with you, so we will surely miss you. We wish you all the best and we encourage you to stay in touch as you take on new adventures in life.

A message to our graduating M.A. students, from Professor Christine Koggel, Philosophy Graduate Supervisor:

Dear 2022 M.A. graduands,

You are one outstanding class! This is the first class in my time as Graduate Supervisor that has everyone complete in time for the June convocation! And you are also a rare class in having 4 out of the 6 of you be accepted into PhD programs and ready to start these in September. Congratulations everyone!

You were a wonderful group to work with and it is so rewarding to have all of do so well and be able to finish in 5 semesters. Onwards for each of you!

Congratulations to our Spring 2022 Graduates!

Undergraduate Students

James Campbell, B.A. in Philosophy

Devin Creighton, B.A. in Philosophy

Robert Huntley, B.A. in Philosophy, Minor in Law

Bat-ulzii Serjmyadag, B.A. in Philosophy

Emily Fallows, Honours B.A. in English and Philosophy

Kevin Gorchakov, Honours B.A. in Film Studies
and Philosophy

Giovani Mosimann Da Silva Bertasoli, Honours
B.A. in Philosophy

Karlie Shecter, Honours B.A. in Philosophy, Minor in Psychology

Tyra Thompson, Honours B.A. in Philosophy

Kurt Eisert, Honours Bachelor of Humanities and Philosophy

Graduate Students

Liam Burke, M.A. in Philosophy

Wayne Chandira, M.A. in Philosophy

Owen Cole, M.A. in Philosophy

Gage Goulet, M.A. in Philosophy

Katherine MacGillivray, M.A. in Philosophy

Ian MacLean-Evans, M.A. in Philosophy (read here about Ian’s experience in the program!)

Thomas Pierlot, M.A. in Philosophy