The Department provides superior education in philosophy. Programs and courses span the entire history of western philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of mind and psychology, logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, metaphysics and epistemology. In addition to four-year Honours and three-year General degrees, a Specialization in Philosophy, Ethics and Public Affairs is offered.

Choosing the Program That’s Right For You

Carleton University offers a number of different ways to study philosophy, depending on your level of interest:

  • A three-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy.
  • A four-year Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Philosophy.
    • The Honours program lets you hone your expertise further by studying for a formal specialization in Philosophy, Ethics, and Public Affairs.
  • Combined degrees.
    • If you have an interest in two different fields of study, philosophy can be successfully combined with other disciplines such as Law, Human Rights, Women’s Studies and Art History, among others, for a combined degree.
  • Philosophy Minor.
    • A four credit Minor in Philosophy concurrent with your major degree.

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Philosophy B.A. Honours

Philosophy with Concentration in Philosophy, Ethics and Public Affairs B.A. Honours

Philosophy B.A. Combined Honours

Philosophy B.A. General

Minor in Philosophy


Information on how to apply to our program and what our minimal requirements are to be considered can be found here.


M.A. Philosophy

M.A. Philosophy with Specialization in Digital Humanities

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