The Institute is participating in the Faculty of Public Affairs’ Research Month with a two-day conference on Political Economy: Old Challenges, New Responses. Speakers from our cross-appointed faculty, current and former Visiting Professors, members of the non-profit community, graduates of our program, and current graduate students will present at this event.  Please see our conference program for a list of presenters and topics.

Keynote addresses will be given by Dr. Tania Murray Li, University of Toronto, on After Development: Surplus Population and the Politics of Entitlement, Dr. David Blaney, Visiting Professor, Institute of Political Economy and Macalester College, on Reading IR with Neoclassical Economics: IPE as Colonial Science, and Dr. Eric Helleiner, Balsillie School of International Affairs and University of Waterloo, on Towards a More Global International Political Economy.

Everyone is welcome to attend! Please register at