The announcement you have all been anticipating has arrived! The Institute of Political Economy is excited to announce our Visiting Professor for the Winter 2018 term.

Professor Luis Llambi of the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research is an expert in the field of agricultural economics and rural development. Professor Llambi will teach one course for the Institute and one course for the Department of Political Science.

See below for a short description of the two courses

Transdisciplinary Research Projects: Linking Political Economy and Political Ecology

(PECO 5502W/PSCI 5502W/SOCI 5505W).

The aim of this seminar is to consider and explore some of the major themes, theories and concepts that together constitute the fields of transdisciplinary research, political economy and political ecology. This course will revisit some texts and contemporary applications of these epistemological, theoretical and empirical literatures. Please see

Professor Llambi will also teach a course for the Department of Political Science entitled:

Global, National and Sub-National Governance Institutions (PSCI 5915)

The basic objective of this seminar is to develop graduate students’ skills to work on research projects by debating the epistemological, theoretical and methodological underpinnings for constructing their own theoretical framework. The seminar will focus on the contributions of Political Economy, the New Institutional Economics, and Cultural Anthropology to the analysis of global, national, and sub-national governance institutions and policies. This course will revisit some of the contemporary applications of this literature.