Congratulations to Maggie FitzGerald Murphy for winning the Directors of the Institute of Political Economy Prize. This annual prize is for best  paper in PECO 6000, the doctoral seminar for students who are taking part in the Collaborative PhD with a Specialization in Political Economy. Maggie is a student in the Department of Political Science, and a former Master’s student at the Institute.

Maggie’s paper, entitled “Towards a Deeper Epistemology of Work: Uncovering the Relations of Value behind Categories of Work,” was described by instructor Justin Paulson as “an ambitious and exploratory critique of the way we  typically categorize kinds of work – rather than relations of work – as “formal” or “informal”.   The paper draws from nearly three dozen sources, synthesizing material from many different units of the seminar with additional, original research.  Such a paper could be written as a cursory survey, but instead Maggie engages in careful, nuanced, close readings of many of the texts in order to push beyond them, and ultimately to understand the relations of value at the core of our categories of work.”

Way to go Maggie!