Photo of Christina Gabriel

Christina Gabriel

Associate Professor Department of Political Science

Degrees:BA (Ryerson Polytechnical) MA, PhD (York)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1213
Office:D692 Loeb

Christina Gabriel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Institute of Political Economy. Her specific research interests focus on citizenship and migration, gender and politics, regional integration and globalization. She is the co-author of Selling Diversity: Immigration, Multiculturalism, Employment Equity and Globalization (2002) and is a co-editor of Governing International Labour Migration: Current Issues, Challenges and Dilemmas (2008). She has contributed chapters and articles on issues such as migration, border control, transnational care labour and North American regional integration.

Christina Gabriel joined Carleton in 2002. She previously taught at York University, Toronto and Trent University, Peterborough. She also held a Killam Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Alberta, 1998-1999.

Research Interests: Citizenship and Migration; Gender and Politics; Canadian Political Economy

Selected Publications

“Domestic Transnationalism: Legal Advocacy for Mexican Migrant Workers’ Rights in Canada” Citizenship Studies 18:3-4 (June 2014) pp. 243-258. [Equal co-author with Laura Macdonald].

“Managed Migration and the Temporary Labour Fix.” Liberating Temporariness: Imagining Alternatives to Permanence as a Pathway for Social Inclusion, Eds. Valerie Preston, Robert Latham, Leah Vosko. (Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queens 2014) pp. 99-125

“NAFTA, Skilled Migration and Continental Nursing Markets.” Population, Space and Place 19:4 (July/August 2013) pp.389-403.

“Continental Dissonance? The Politics of Migration in North America” Regional Integration in an Era of Political Economic Turbulence. Eds. Jeffrey Ayres and Laura Macdonald (Toronto: UTP Press, 2012) pp. 219-248.

“Migration and Globalized Care Work: The Case of Internationally Educated Nurses in Canada” Feminist Ethics and Social Policy. Towards A New Global Political Economy of Care. Rianne Mahon and Fiona Robinson, eds., (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2011) pp. 39-59.

“Citizenship at the Margins: The Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and Civil Society Advocacy.” Politics and Policy 39:1 (2011) pp. 45-67. [Equal co-author with Laura Macdonald].

“’Advantage Canada’ and the Contradictions of (Im)migration Control” Constructing and Imagining Labour Migration: Perspectives of Control in Five Continents eds. Elspeth Guild and Sandra Mantu (UK: Ashgate Press, 2010) pp. 127-155.