Photo of Jeremy Paltiel

Jeremy Paltiel

Professor, Department of Political Science

Degrees:BA (Toronto) MA, PhD (California at Berkeley)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1426
Office:C662 Loeb Building

Research Interests: Politics, government and foreign policies of Asia (China and Japan); Development politics

Selected Publications

“Mencius and World Order Theories” The Chinese Journal of International Politics Vol 3, No.1(2010) pp. 37-54.

“China’s Regionalization Policies: Illiberal internationalism or Neo-Mencian Benevolence?” in Emilian Kavafian China’s Regionalization Policies Ashgate, October 2009.

“Canada and China: An Agenda for the Twenty-First Century: A Rejoinder to Charles Burton” Canadian Foreign Policy Vol. 15 no. 2, (2009) 109-117.

The Empire’s New Clothes: Cultural Particularism and Universal Value in China’s Quest for Global Status(New York: Palgrave 2007)

“Does a Half-Full Glass Justify a Leap of Faith? Incremental Change and Human Rights in China” International Journal (Spring 2006) pp. 371-387.

“Constructing the State: Sovereignty in comparative and international perspectives–the view from East Asia” in Andre Lecours ed. New Institutionalism : theory and analysis (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005) pp. 359-403.

“Jiang Talks Politics–Who Listens? Institutionalization and Its Limits in Market Leninism” The China JournalNo. 45 (January 2001) 113-121.