Engagement and Inclusion Officer (Special Constable): The Engagement and Inclusion Officer (EIO) is responsible for progressing departmental objectives related to fostering a culture of respect and equity, enhancing current partnerships and building new connections in the community, and increasing CSS staff’s capacity to respond to individuals with differing expectations, needs, or abilities. They also participate in campus initiatives working towards a more diverse and inclusive Carleton University. 


  • Completion of High School Diploma. Completion of Post-Secondary Education or OPC may be preferred
  • Must possess a valid Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Certificate
  • Must possess a valid first aid certificate (Standard level) with CPR level C from WSIB recognized provider)
  • Must possess a valid Canadian Driver’s Licence
  • Minimum 4 years of experience working in law enforcement or security role or demonstrated experience providing support for individuals in a challenging and complex work environment that requires the ability to prioritize work, maintain composure under stress and asses life safety issues with at least one year of experience to promote on Equity and Inclusive Communities initiatives or projects at Carleton University or elsewhere. Previous job experience with federal, provincial and municipal statutes, legislation, would be preferred. Equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

Hiring Process:

Step 1 – Application

When a posting is open, applications for positions in Campus Safety Services must be submitted through the Department of Human Resources at www.carleton.ca/hr

If there are no open posting but you are interested in joining the CSS team, please fill out this form

Step 2 – Initial Interview

Shortlisted candidates be interviewed by a multi-person hiring panel made up of the CSS team, as well as the broader Carleton community. As part of the interview, candidates will be expected to complete a work-sample exercise.

Step 3 – Call Back Interview

It is common to have a second interview with select candidates from the previous round of interviews.  The second interview may include work sample exercises, additional interview questions, and an opportunity for the panel to get to know the candidate better.  The nature of the second interview is determined by the position available and the intent is to ensure that the candidate is the best fit, both for the department as well as the community.

Step 4 – Background Screening

Those applicants that successfully pass the interview stage of the process will be required to pass background screening which includes: a psychological assessment, reference checks, employment verification, credit history check, criminal record check, driving history check and a review of online/social media accounts.

Step 5 – Offer of Employment

Applicants that pass the background screening process may be offered a position and a start date will be determined.