• Lock up your Bicycle! Buy a good U-bolt style lock to protect your bicycle. Failure to lock your bike or locking it with an inferior lock is an invitation to bicycle thieves. Locking your bike in a high traffic area or in our secure bike compound will further secure it against theft.
  • Remove any after market components, those that can not be removed should be firmly secured to the bike. i.e. lighting systems, computer systems, water bottles and or panniers.
  • Record the serial number, model, make, size, colour, number of gears, and the value of the bicycle (keep your receipt). Ensure to record this information for after market accessories added to your bike.
  • Take a photograph of your bicycle. This information will assist the police in recovering your bike if it is stolen, and assist you in dealing with your insurance company.
  • Register your bike with us!

Some info on bicycle theft

Most thieves are interested in bicycles not only for the “thrill” of stealing, but also for the valuable parts of the bike itself. Expensive equipment such as brand name gear shifts and brakes as well as speedometers and lights can be sold by the thieves making it a profitable illegal enterprise.

Survival Tips for your Bike

Keeping your bike safe requires a bit of forethought and planning. Most thefts occur when the bike is an easier target. A bit of planning on your part may not guarantee that your bike or accessories won’t be stolen, but making your bike a harder target for thieves reduces the risk of theft.

The highest percentage of bikes stolen on campus are those with lower-cost chain or cable-type locks. Though no lock can guarantee 100% protection, U-Bolt type locks seem to be the least targeted. One lock is always good, but consider using two locks to deter theft.

  • Park and secure your bike in well-traveled and well lit areas if possible. The more people around, the more likely a thief will pass on to a less-conspicuous target. Use our secure bike compound located at Athletics for even more security.
  • Use a good quality locking device. Although no lock is undefeatable, the U-lock types seem to deter the most. Avoid cables and chains as locks, and most importantly, make sure the structure where you secure your bike is in fact, secure.
  • If your bike has saddlebags, don’t leave items of value inside them when parking your bike. Also, make sure that any valuable accessories (i.e. detachable lights/batteries) are securely fixed to the bike, or even removable and taken with you after you park.