Mission Statement

The Campus Safety Services is committed to providing a safe campus environment at Carleton University.

Recognizing our responsibility to maintain order and public safety on campus, our objective is to improve the quality of life through a community partnership that promotes a safe and secure campus community.

With this objective in mind, the Campus Safety Services has established the Student Safety Patrol Program.


The Student Safety Patrol Program initiative has the following objectives:

  • To enhance the level of security patrol presence, particularly in campus buildings, in order to ensure a high level of personal safety for our community working or studying during the evening hours on campus.
  • To provide an opportunity for part-time employment for Carleton University students, particularly for those who have a career interest in law enforcement or criminology.
  • To utilize a cost-effective campus employment pool and resource base to assist the Campus Safety Services patrol staff achieve their operational objectives and target special security and safety needs.

Program Overview

The Student Safety Patrol Program was launched by the Campus Safety Services in September 1998.

Student Safety Patrol positions are part-time paid positions. There are Student Safety Patrollers working seven days a week, throughout the academic year (September to April). Additional shifts during weekdays and weekends may be scheduled, from time-to-time, to assist the Campus Safety Services with operational commitments. Student Safety Patrol shifts are reduced during the exam periods.

Student Safety Patrollers augment the full-time Patrol Services staff by performing the following light security details (non-police functions) around the Carleton University campus:

  • patrol all campus buildings as a visible deterrent and community resource,
  • assist as directed during critical incidents, at Shift Manager’s discretion,
  • observe and report any suspicious/criminal activity observed on patrol,
  • performs customer service duties in Parking Services when required,
  • audits of campus lighting, emergency phones, access card systems,
  • fire safety equipment checks in publicly accessible hose cabinets,
  • assists with control of vehicle/pedestrian traffic during events,
  • safe-walk service provided in the absence of Foot Patrol,
  • fire picket and static site security as requested/required,
  • performs the Receptionist function in Patrol Services,
  • enforces university regulations (smoking, parking) and,
  • other non-law enforcement duties as assigned.

Interested in becoming a Student Safety Patroller?

Please see CCS Job Opportunities.