Carleton University and all its members share responsibility for ensuring that the university’s educational, work and living environments are safe and free from discrimination and harassment. We strive to provide accommodation and protect against discrimination and harassment within the meaning of Carleton’s Human Rights policies and procedures.

Discrimination and harassment pertain to issues of:

  • Race
  • Ancestry
  • Place of origin and ethnic origin
  • Colour
  • Political affiliation or belief
  • Sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity
  • Age
  • Marital, economic, and family status
  • Disability
  • Citizenship
  • Creed
  • Records of offense (employment)
  • Receipt of public assistance (accommodation)

At Carleton:

  • Every member of the university community has a right to study or work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  • All members of the university community have a responsibility to support human rights and equality.
  • Managers and supervisors in particular must foster an environment respectful of human rights.
  • Members of the university community may not engage in abusive, violent, threatening or disruptive behaviour.

For more information, please refer to the student rights and responsibility policy by clicking here.
For more information on work place violence and harassment, please refer to the enviromental health and safety website, by clicking here.