1. What is the Volunteer Board?
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Volunteer Board?

Through the Volunteer Board, students can find volunteer positions that will provide them with practical learning of the classroom. This helps students develop their skills and enhances their overall learning experience. The Volunteer Board is updated all the time with new volunteer opportunities in the greater Ottawa area.

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Students can login to Carleton Central to view the Volunteer Board. Simply login, visit the MySuccess portal and click “Volunteer Jobs”.

Interested in posting to the Volunteer Board?

If you are a charitable or non-profit organization in the greater Ottawa area, you may be interested in posting volunteer positions to The Volunteer Board. Please read through the criteria for The Volunteer Board. If your volunteer opportunity meets the criteria, you can post your volunteer opportunity to The Volunteer Board through CuHire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

The Volunteer Board:

  • Provides students with a variety of volunteer opportunities in the Greater Ottawa Area.
  • Allows students to choose the opportunities that work with them.
  • Develops important skills that will are applicable to academic learning and employment.
  • Strengthens resumes and professional or graduate school applications.

How do I use the Volunteer Board?

For Students:

First, login to Carleton Central. Then select MySuccess. Next, click “Volunteer Jobs” on the side menu. From here, you can search for the volunteer opportunities that are right for you. New opportunities are added all the time, so continue checking for new opportunities.

For Organizations:

You first need to create a CuHire Account. Once the account has been created you can follow the steps on our website.

What kind of opportunities are on The Volunteer Board?

All the opportunities on The Volunteer Board meet the following criteria:

  • Support a local community partner.
  • Address the needs of the Greater Ottawa community and create a positive impact on the community,
  • Provides complementary learning opportunities and the opportunity to develop skills.
  • Are direct-service and/or project based.
  • Are unpaid.

How do I post an opportunity to The Volunteer Board?

Staff, faculty members and members from local community organizations can post to The Volunteer Board by following these steps. Please ensure your posting meets the criteria listed on the page.

Need Assistance?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at cel@carleton.ca or call the Student Experience Office at 613-520-7595.