The Student Experience Office manages the allocation of classroom space through the EnCampus Enterprise Portal for Carleton University-accredited campus groups, academic societies, and CUSA clubs.

In order to secure a space on campus, you will need to have an understanding of the rules and regulations listed below. Please review these procedures in-depth prior to submitting a space booking request as you and your group will be responsible for ensuring they are upheld over the duration of your event.

Space Set-Up

The Student Experience Office is not responsible for the set-up process of the event space. It is the responsibility of the individual/group to take the necessary steps to ensure they have any accommodations in place that will be needed to host their event beforehand. This includes making additional arrangements such as audiovisual services through TLS, Aramark for catering, or CUSA for additional tables/chairs.

The event organizer is also responsible for ensuring the space is restored to its original condition and layout once their booking has come to an end. Failure to do so may result in caretaking charges to the individual who booked the space.

Food and Beverage Services

Groups of students are not permitted to bring food onto campus for group activities, sales or any other purpose. If you are planning to have food at your event, please contact Aramark Catering. Exemptions to this policy can be obtained by following the process outlined in the university’s Food Services Policy.

Audio-Visual Equipment Services

Classroom audio-visual equipment can be booked through Teaching and Learning Services (TLS). Students receive a discounted rate from TLS. The misuse or unauthorized use of TLS equipment can result in the suspension of space booking privileges and/or charges to the account of the student who booked the room.

Procedure Violations

Violation of the Space Booking Contract by an individual or group may result in the forfeiture of space booking privileges and/or charges to the account of the student who signed the contract. Room bookings will be audited to ensure that the use of space is in accordance with the Space Booking Contract.

Risk Management Forms

University accredited campus groups, academic societies, and CUSA clubs must abide by university policies at all times. If your on or off campus event meets one or more of the following criteria, you must complete and submit a Risk Management Form 14 days in advance in order to be taken into consideration.

  • More than fifty (50) people in attendance;
  • Features a speaker from an external organization;
  • Alcohol is being served;
  • A sports-like physical activity is planned; and/or
  • Any activity that has the potential to result in damage to individual persons, or physical property.

Complete a Risk Management Form:

  1. Access the Risk Management Form using the following link – CU Risk Management
  2. Select the type of event you are hosting
  3. Provide the required details regarding your event

Failure to submit a Risk Management Form may result in the cancellation or delay of space booking requests, as well as impact future space booking privileges for the accredited student organization/group.

In the case that Campus Safety or the University’s Risk Management Committee mandates the presence of security for an event, such additional services (provided by Campus Safety or otherwise) will be at the full expense of the organization sponsoring the event.

If you have questions concerning the Student Events Risk Management form, please email

Book Space Now!

If you are ready to book a space, click on the button below to be directed to the Enterprise Portal.
Please note that space booking requests must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the date of the event.

Other Space Booking Options

Library Space

CUSA Clubs and Societies

  • CUSA provides booking services for several spaces both on and off campus. Additionally, CUSA offers tables, chairs, and access to equipment such as projectors and speakers. Bookings are free for all registered CUSA Clubs & Societies with a refundable deposit for some items and are available to other organizations for a small fee.

Nideyinàn Galleria

  • Students can book space in the Galleria through the Campus Card Office.

Conference Services