Season 1 Episodes (2022-2023)

Season 1, Episode 10: Shaping the Youth of Tomorrow with Mary Harris

Mary is a proud alumnus of Carleton, having graduated with a degree in Psychology. Mary has spent the last 10 years as a Placement Coordinator for the Youth Futures Program which assists equity-deserving high school students transition to post-secondary education.

In this podcast, Mary gives advice on how to find a job after graduating.

Episode Released: July 21, 2023

Head shot of Mary Harris
Season 1, Episode 9: The Journey to Navigating Life as an International Student with Sharon Nyangweso

Sharon Nyangweso, founder and CEO of QuakeLab, immigrated from Kenya to Canada to attend Carleton University. As an international student, Sharon was balancing academics with working and trying to find free time. Sharon’s time at Carleton was interrupted and she had to take a year off before continuing her program.

In this episode, Sharon talks about her experience as an international student and gives tips on how to get into freelancing.

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Season 1, Episode 8: Be the Best You You Can Be with Noah Segal

Noah Segal, originally from Calgary, Alberta, expresses his passionate journey while a student at Carleton. He shares his story of how he found his niche in the entertainment world. He is currently the Co-President of Elevation Pictures and a Film Producer in Toronto. Some of Noah’s films in the recent months he has produced with Elevation Pictures are The Son starring Hugh Jackman and The Whale starring Brendan Fraser.

In this episode, Noah explains his Tips for Success, guiding listeners to explore their passions.

Season 1, Episode 7: Impacts of Trauma on Mental Health with Sheila MacVicar

Carleton Journalism alumni, Sheila MacVicar, is now the CEO of the International Documentary Production Company called 4th Act Factual. She currently produces long-form documentaries that explain the world around us by challenging assumptions. In this episode, Sheila opens up about her career as a foreign correspondent in various countries. She discusses the effects the journey has had on her mental health.

Some subject matter in this podcast may be sensitive.

Season 1, Episode 6: Developing Your Own Path with Stenley Philippe

Carleton student turned Undergraduate Recruitment Officer, Stenley Philippe, shares how to make the most out of campus life and university resources. Stenley encourages students to explore their surroundings while creating their own pace going with the ebb and flow of their individual journeys. His central theme is to be proud of who you are.

Season 1, Episode 5: Understanding Mental Health Obstacles with Elizabeth Manley

Former Olympic figure skater, Elizabeth Manley, talks about her mental health struggles and how she overcame them. Check out her 1988 Olympic performance.

Transcript available: S1E5 – Transcript

Season 1, Episode 4: Transitions from School to the Workplace with Ben O’Bright

Ben O’Bright studied political science and was heavily involved in the community as an orientation week leader. He now works as a Policy Lead on hardware and devices with Trust and Safety at Google’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Transcript available: S1E4 – Transcript

Episode 3: Starting a Non-Profit Organization with Keenan Reynolds

Keenan Reynolds is studying political science with a focus on international relations at Carleton University. Prior to his time at Carleton, he played junior hockey with the Ontario Hockey League and the CCHL. Keenan is the co-founder of the Front Nine Project, an Ottawa-based non-profit organization.

Transcript available: S1E3 – Transcript

Season 1, Episode 2: The Importance of Community Engagement with Sissi De Flaviis

Sissi De Flaviis is a Carleton alum. Sissi studied journalism with a double minor in Italian and political science and was an active member of the Carleton community. She is currently a reporter and editor at CBC North writing and editing stories for online, radio, and television. Sissi tells us how important it was for her to be an active member of the Carleton community and how she wouldn’t be the same without those experiences.

Transcript available: S1E2 – Transcript

Season 1, Episode 1: Be Bold, Fail Forward, and Stay Well with Emily Kate Gray

Emily Kate Gray is a Carleton Alum who was extremely involved with the Carleton community. Gray talks about how her experience with volunteering and leadership at Carleton has helped her in her current career.

Transcript available: S1E1 – Transcript