This accessibility icon toolkit was created in partnership and consultation with the Paul Menton Centre to provide event planners with accessibility indicators to use within their event planning and communications to allow students to navigate events more effectively. These icons are used within the Student Life team in all events and communications.

Download the Media Toolkit. (Links to a PDF)

Accessibility Icons

Below are the accessibility icons that were created. You can download all icons here. (Links to a Word Document)

Icon indicating accessible transportation Accessible Transportation

This event has accessible transportation available to bring you to and from event destinations. Our staff and volunteers will be able to guide you to the pickup/drop off location.

Icon indicating bright lightsBright Lights

This event venue may have florescent lighting or bright lighting such as stage lights, flashing lights or others.

Icon indicating accessible presentation formats Accessible Presentation Formats

This presentation features accessibility accommodations for those with visual and auditory impairments.

Icon indicating food and drink provided Food/Beverages

There will be food and/or beverages at this event. If you have not indicated already, please contact the event coordinator if you have any specific dietary accommodations.

Icon indicating large crowds Large Event/Crowds

These events can be expected to have upwards of 100 people including volunteers and staff. All large events comply with the Risk Management limitations for safe capacities of people in each space being used.

Icon indicating closed captioning Closed Captioning

There is closed captioning available for this video presentation.

Icon indicating loud sounds Loud Sounds

There can be loud noise expected at this event. This may include cheering, group chanting, speakers in the room, and/or other noises.

Icon indicating described videoDescribed Video

This presentation features described video for the visually impaired.

Icon indicating wheelchair accessible All Persons Restroom

Carleton’s campus is wheelchair accessible. Our staff and volunteers are happy to assist any student with accessibility needs navigating to different events, using the tunnel system and elevators or other assistance needs

Icon indicating that event features uneven terrain Uneven Terrain

This event has terrain such as grass, gravel, turf and/or others. Our staff and volunteers are happy to assist attendees to navigate the event venue.

Icon indicating Water ActivitiesWater Activities

A portion of this event includes water activities.

Icon indicating Live Questions and AnswersLive Q&A

A portion of this event includes a live question and answer period for viewers.

Icon indicating engagement expectiationsEngagement Expectations

This presentation features opportunities for the audience to engage with the presenter and/or the audience.

Icon indicating that event is being recordedEvent Recording

A portion of this event will be recorded for future use and/or reference.

Icon indicating there are costs less than $20Less than $20

Costs associated with this event will not exceed $20.

Icon indicating no costs involvedFree

There are no costs associated with this event.

Icon indicating there are costs more than $20More than $20

Costs associated with this event may exceed $20.