Campus to Community Partners

Campus to Community Days are 3-4 hour service work sessions with community partners. Community partners interact with many social issues including poverty, homelessness, food security, sustainability, youth, women’s services, health and education. We work with several non-profit organizations as Campus to Community Partners to provide our students with a rewarding experience as they give back to our community.

Current Partners

Benefits of Partnering

There are many benefits to becoming a partner by hosting a Campus to Community Day, including:

  • The opportunity to interact with motivated and energetic volunteers.
  • The opportunity to tell your story, let our volunteers be champions of your cause.
  • A short, one-time commitment.
  • A minimum planning commitment, as our Campus to Community Leaders will plan out our volunteers’ commitments.

Team-Building and Community-Engaged Learning

Campus to Community follows a model of community-engaged learning, which encourages mutual support and respect from community partners and participants. In order to provide a positive experience, we ask partners to consider the following in advance of their Campus to Community Day.

  •   Providing our team of volunteers with the opportunity to work together for a common goal.
  •   Creating a sense of achievement as a group.
  •   Experiencing first-hand the impact your organization makes in the community.
  •   Engaging our group in a diverse community surrounding campus.
  •   Raising awareness for your group.

Should you be a part of a non-profit organization in the Greater Ottawa area and would like to partner with us by hosting a Campus to Community Day, please email