1. What is the Life Skills 101 Podcast?
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What is the Life Skills 101 Podcast?

The Life Skills 101 Podcast is a series of episodes that will engage, empower and encourage Carleton University students to identify, grow and reflect upon life skill development, through a variety of enriching episodes featuring young Carleton Alumni. Alumni will share their successes and challenges to support students in building persistence and capacity, and provide a space for skill development and reflection for listeners.

By listening to the Life Skills 101 Podcast, we hope that students will:

  • Have more tangible examples of success stories from a local content
  • Have the opportunity to obtain advice, referrals and resources in creating their career and life paths
  • Be able to view post-secondary education as a continued and viable option
  • Feel greater confidence in navigating and building upon their life skills, whichever they may be
  • Have the opportunity to connect students with Career Services and/or the Alumni Mentorship Program through the Carleton University Alumni Association, to take further steps in forging their career paths
  • Have had the opportunity to network with fellow students, alumni, etc.

Podcast Episodes

Podcast Reflections

Students who listen to three podcast episodes, and complete the reflection form for each, will be able to receive credit as a Life Skills 101 Podcast Subscriber on their Co-Curricular Record.

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