Appeal Procedures

The Co-Curricular Record has polices and procedures in the event a registered Carleton student disagrees with a decision made by a Validator.

Should a dispute between a Validator and a student occur, the student will first be encouraged to reach an agreement with their Validator. If an agreement cannot be reached, the CCR Administrator will attempt to mediate the situation.

If mediation is unsuccessful, students can appeal their declined validation or a decision not to recognize their activity. Students who would like to appeal must submit a written submission to the CCR Resolution Board. This submission should not exceed 1.5 pages (single space) and should clearly articulate why the participation should be validated or if relating to a denied activity submission, why the activity should be recognized.

All appeals must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the declined validation or the decision to deny an activity has been made. Submissions are to be delivered in person to the Student Experience Office located in 430 Tory Building.

Misuse Procedures

There are procedures that have been created that will dissuade inappropriate use of the CCR. Further, the CCR Administrator will have the ability to reject any activity applications that are suspect. If a student, staff or faculty suspects that misuse is taking place, all concerns should be forwarded to the CCR Administrator. All concerns will be investigated and will remain confidential.

If the concern is found to be justified and misuse is determined, the Co-Curricular Record Administrator will bring this to the attention of the Co-Curricular Record Resolution Board who will determine an appropriate sanction.

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