1. What is the Co-Curricular Record?
  2. What can you use your CCR for?
  3. CCR Lingo

What is the Co-Curricular Record?

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) recognizes “out of class” activities of all students (undergraduate and graduate) including student life programs, leadership development, community service learning and involvement activities that contribute to your student experience.

What can you use your CCR for?

Carleton’s CCR program will allow you to create a record of your extracurricular experiences. By adding your involvement experiences to it through Carleton Central, you will be able to present this official documentation to prospective employers and professional graduate schools. Your CCR is designed to complement your academic transcript and demonstrate the holistic learning you engaged in during your academic career.

CCR Lingo

Activity: Position or involvement opportunity.

Opportunity Directory: Allows students to find on-campus involvement opportunities of approved CCR experiences.

Activity Form: The online form submitted to have new positions approved to be included for the CCR.

Validator: The individual responsible for approving a student’s participation in the activity. This is generally a professional staff member, faculty member, or a designate from a club or society.