Zophia BrobioWe have asked a couple of our recent grads to tell us about their PAPM experience before they go off to bigger and better things. Zophia Brobio is graduating in June 2020 with a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management with a Specialization in Development Studies. 

What has been most valuable about your PAPM experience?

To me, the most valuable thing in PAPM is the curriculum. The program is interdisciplinary and the courses offered to students equipped us with the skills needed to both critically examine an issue from multiple perspectives, as well as figure out how to solve the problem. It was a perfect mix of theory and practice!

What have you enjoyed the most?

What I enjoyed most about being in the program was being around other people who were just as passionate about political and social matters as I was. It created an atmosphere that always invited conversation and debate, which I appreciated, because there is always much to learn from others. Even in times when I didn’t agree with others’ opinions, I enjoyed being able to hash it out and talk through an issue. For me, being in such an environment also really helped me learn how to stand my ground, convey and defend my points to others, and engage in meaningful debate.

In what ways has PAPM lived up to your expectations?

Now that I’ve completed my education and can look back on that experience, I feel like I can truly say that my learning experience has prepared me well not only for the workplace, but also in how to approach my role as a global citizen. PAPM emphasizes its interdisciplinary nature and hands-on approach to education, and I got exactly that! I am more confident in my ability to apply a critical lens to both local and global issues, and to think through possible solutions.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to continue working in the federal government. In my undergrad, I had the opportunity to work with various government departments through the co-op and FSWEP programs, which allowed me to try my hand at different skill sets and subject areas, and see what kind of work personally fit me best. My heart is in program work at immigration, so I hope I can keep following that route! I also hope to pursue a master’s sometime in the future.