As the economic, political, and humanitarian crisis continues in Venezuela, international assistance is required to address the grievances of the populace and alleviate the human suffering to prevent an escalation of violence and maintain domestic and regional stability. The R.E.V. Initiative is a proposal for a Track II strategy presented to Global Affairs Canada with the aim to prevent conflict and work towards securing the best-case scenario for Venezuela.

The R.E.V. Initiative will engage in Venezuela in two distinct phases. The first phase of the initiative is the creation of a fact-finding mission, resulting in a report that will be used to highlight the humanitarian situation in Venezuela and the main areas of concern facing refugees and migrants in Colombia. The second phase of this initiative is two-fold. First, it will leverage the capacities of the non-profit, non-government, Catholic organization, Cáritas Venezuela to deliver humanitarian aid within the country and perform advocacy at the local government level. Second, it will bolster the capacities of select Colombian municipalities to manage the incoming Venezuelan refugees. This initiative will be delivered over the course of five years beginning in May 2018, and with a total proposed budget of $20 million.

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