Edmonton LRT Route Information

Fare Vending Machines provide self-service options for purchasing single fare, a return trip, a set of 10 tickets or a day pass. The machines accept coins and bills up to $20 and provides change on a purchase. Machines do not accept any banking or gift cards.

The fare options available for purchase are as follows.

Single Ticket – Any single tickets purchased will be validated for immediate use upon purchase.

Roundtrip Fares – Roundtrip fares will provide you with two tickets. One ticket is validated for immediate use and one is not. The second ticket needs to be validated for use on your return trip.

Ticket Strips – This allows you to purchase a ticket strip (10 tickets) for use at any time. These tickets will not be validated upon purchase and must be validated before each use.

Day Passes – Day passes are validated for the day of purchase. You are unable to purchase an unvalidated day pass for future use.

To purchase fares using the Fare Vending Machine:

  • Select a fare using the display screen and option buttons
  • Choose the quantity you require
  • Insert payment using coins or bills up to $20
  • Fare and change will be dispensed below

Adult Transit Fares

Cash $3.25
Ticket* (Book of 10) $26.25
Day Pass $9.75

*Tickets come in packs of 10 and are valid for travel on all ETS service.

Tickets: Valid up to 90 minutes from the time of issue when purchased at a fare vending machine, validated by ticket validator in LRT proof of payment areas


Proof of Payment

Signs throughout the LRT system alert passengers to Proof of Payment Areas.

You must be in possession of a valid fare product within a proof of payment area. Valid forms of payment include:

  • A validated ticket purchased at a fare vending machine in one of the stations. Easy-to-follow directions are posted on the fronts of these machines

  • A validated ETS ticket from a previously purchased strip of tickets. You must validate your tickets at one of the bright orange ticket validators found near the entrance to the proof of payment areas.

  • Insert the ticket arrow-end first

Random checks for proof of payment will be made, so be sure to have yours handy. There’s a $250 fine for fare evasion.