Photo of Alain Nepveu

Alain Nepveu


Office:Department of Biochemistry
McGill University
1160 Pine avenue, west
Room 414
Montréal Quebec H3A 1A3

Research interests: Base Excision Repair of Oxidative DNA Damage: Dr. Nepveu’s group has established that the CUX1 protein through its CUT domains functions as an accessory factor that stimulates the enzymatic activities of OGG1 and APE1, two enzymes of the base excision repair pathway that play important roles in the repair of oxidative DNA lesions. Mouse embryo fibroblasts from Cux1 knockout mice proliferate well in 3% oxygen, but immediately undergo senescence in 20% oxygen. In contrast, elevated CUX1 expression prevents senescence in RAS-driven cancer cells and confers resistance to radiation.