Photo of Jack Bend

Jack Bend

Phone:519-850-2456 ext. 82456
Office:University of Western Ontario

Dr. Bend’s research investigates the molecular mechanisms by which endogenous and exogenous (xenobiotic) chemicals cause toxicity, and the mechanisms by which pre-existing pathological conditions such as oxidative stress/infection, dramatically enhance this toxicity. His focus is on chemicals that exert their toxicity through activation of cell signaling networks (e.g. ligands for the aryl hydrocarbon receptor); to electrophilic metabolites of drugs or environmental contaminants which cause toxicity subsequent to covalent reaction with nucleophilic sites on proteins and nucleic acids; and to chemicals (bilirubin; sulfonamides, anti-epileptic drugs: POPs and heavy metals) that exert their toxicity by oxidative and/or nitrosative stress. Studies are performed with compounds that are either of clinical (bilirubin; sulphamethoxazole) or environmental (methylmercury; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; PCBs; heavy metals) significance.