Photo of Richard Richardson

Richard Richardson

Adjunct Professor (McGill University); Research Scientist (Radiobiology and Health, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL))

Phone:1-613-584-3311 x 44755
Office:Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)
Chalk River, Ontario, Canada
K0J 1J0

Richard Richardson takes a multidisciplinary approach to research that explores spontaneous and radiation-induced cancer and other diseases of aging. He coauthored a mitochondrial-based explanation of the ‘oxygen effect’, important in radiotherapy. Currently, he is assessing DNA damage, epigenetic changes and mitochondrial biomarkers after neutron, radon and gamma-ray exposures. His current research studies the role of oxidative stress on cataract development in astronauts, and redox, bioenergetic and temperature regulation of circadian rhythms resulting in sleep being mitorestorative.