Fall/Winter 2016-17 course offerings for the Institute of Criminology & Criminal Justice

Please Note: Outlines will be posted as they become available. Please keep checking for updates.

Course Sec. Term Description Instructor
CRCJ 1000 A Fall Introduction to Criminology – Crim Majors only Karaian, Lara
CRCJ 1000 B Winter Introduction to Criminology – Crim Majors only
Revised January 3, 2017
Karaian, Lara
CRCJ 1000 C Fall Introduction to Criminology –  Non-Crim Majors Monaghan, Jeffrey
CRCJ 1000 D Winter Introduction to Criminology –  Non-Crim Majors
Revised December 22, 2016
McCuaig-Lambrinakos, Erin
CRCJ 3001 A Fall Quantitative Methods Mailloux, Donna
CRCJ 3001 B Winter Quantitative Methods Mailloux, Donna
CRCJ 3002 A Fall Qualitative Methods Carrier, Nicolas
CRCJ 3002 B Fall Qualitative Methods Santos, Madalena
CRCJ 3002 C Winter Qualitative Methods Carrier, Nicolas
CRCJ 3003 A Fall Legal Research Methods
Revised August 31, 2016
Lamb, Nicholas
CRCJ 3003 C Winter Legal Research Methods Monaghan, Jeffrey
CRCJ 3201 B Winter Policing (In)Security Monaghan, Jeffrey
CRCJ 3901
CRCJ 3902
A F/W Field Placement in Criminology Nearing-Guibord, Danette
CRCJ 4001 A Fall Policing Sex Karaian, Lara
CRCJ 4001 B Fall Internet Crime
Revised August 29, 2016
Sinclair, Roberta
CRCJ 4001 C Winter Crime, Emotions, and the Senses
Revised January 20, 2017
Karaian, Lara
CRCJ 4001 D Winter Child Rights and the Criminal Justice System
Revised December 22, 2016
Sinclair, Roberta
CRCJ 4002 A Fall Social Control Carrier, Nicolas
CRCJ 4002 B Fall Crime, Media & Pop Culture
Revised September 9, 2016
Thomas, Holly
CRCJ 4002 C Winter Applied Criminology: Seeking Solutions to Emerging Crimes Thomas, Holly
CRCJ 4908 A F/W Honours Research Project Maeder, Evelyn