1. Convert your PowerPoint slideshow into a PDF file
  2. Add the PDF to cuPortfolio

If you try to add a PowerPoint file to cuPortfolio, it will show up as an attached file and will not embed into cuPortfolio. However it is possible to embed your PowerPoint presentation into cuPortfolio. There are two ways of doing this. You can convert your slideshow into a PDF document or convert your slideshow into pictures and upload the pictures into an image gallery on cuPortfolio.

Convert your PowerPoint slideshow into a PDF file

1. Click File.

2. Click Save As.

3. In the Save As pop up box, click on the Save as type drop down menu and choose PDF.

4. Press Save.

Add the PDF to cuPortfolio

1. Go to the Edit Content View of a Page

2. Click Media.

3. Select the PDF block.

4. Upload the file.

5. Press Save.

Note: The PDF document on the Edit content view might appear to be cut off. This display only appears on the Edit content view. You can preview how the PDF will properly display by clicking on the Display page view.

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