Carleton’s planning and budget framework is based on a five-year rolling window, with the Strategic Integrated Plan providing the direction needed for the development of individual unit plans and priorities. University-wide, long-term planning is informed by the Strategic Integrated Planning Committee (SIPC). These plans, converted to a series of goals and initiatives, are then assessed by the Provost’s Budget Working Group (PBWG), which is tasked with allocating resources in line with the institution’s priorities.

In March, Resource Planning Committee (RPC) Chairs meet to present their proposed budgets, thus promoting transparency and fostering discussion and collaboration across units. This approach ensures that proposed initiatives are aligned with the needs of the academic enterprise and service units, establishes spending priorities and considers the alignment and efficiency of service delivery. As a result, budgetary allocations are informed not only by the overall financial situation of the university, but also by the values and priorities of individual units.

The PBWG recommends budget allocations to the Provost for each RPC as part of the annual budget cycle as well as mid-year, post-budget allocations. Based on these recommendation, the Provost presents a final operating budget to the Board of Governors.

The Office of the Deputy Provost is responsible for managing and improving the Carleton Planning Framework along with contributing to the development of the University’s strategic and operational planning activities. This office has a key responsibility between the University’s Resource Planning Committees, the Financial Services Department, Office of Institutional Research and Planning, and PBWG in successfully implementing the University’s planning and budget framework. The Deputy Provost is a member of PBWG (voting), the Strategic Integrated Planning Committee and SIPC Executive. This office contributes to, as well as organizes the work of both PBWG and SIPC and acts as central advisor to RPCs when preparing their annual plans and budgets.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Integrated Plan

Campus-wide Strategies and Plans