Tips for First Year Success

We asked some of our top students what strategies for first year success they’d like to share with new students; here’s what they had to say:


Plan ahead and set early timelines for yourself to start working on assignments and studying for upcoming tests.


Read the outline (twice!) – it tells you exactly what is expected of you and all assignment deadlines and test/midterm dates.


If you’re having a difficult time with a course, get help early from the Elsie MacGill Learning Centre and attend PASS workshops.


Get into a good daily rhythm, create a weekly schedule and stay on track – there’s no substitute for time on task when it comes to learning.


Review your graded exams and assignments – there will be course content that may be challenging, prioritize learning from the mistakes you make.


Learn course content, don’t just memorize it – complete practice problems daily to help you absorb course content.


Take a break, have fun, and reward your accomplishments.


Know where to get support – stay connected with your family and friends, and reach out to campus resources to help you navigate challenges.



Connect with your classmates – find a study group, or homework club.

Important Webpages to Bookmark

Don’t rely on Reddit for answers to your academic questions; instead ask the First Year Support Team or reference an official University resource available to help you navigate your academic decisions. Here are some of the important pages to bookmark for your future reference.